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LBJ Tea Treats Fog Linen Baking Mitten Pink


We have teamed up with LBJ Japan (Tea Treats) who have created a limited edition LBJ baking mitten alongside Fog Linen Work (Tokyo, Japan). Lillie was asked to choose some colours for these and went with our trusty royal blue and a pink to match our tea pots and recycled pink door on the front of our bar which designer Michael Marriott made for us.

Fog Linen is special to us as its where we started our jam workshops in Tokyo. Yumiko Sekine started her first business in 1993 importing used books and houseware from Europe and America to Japan. In her search for more products, she could not find affordable every day linens hat she had used during her childhood. She visited Lithuania, a country that grows flax, whose fibers are spun into linen, and has been producing and exporting linen products to other European countries since the Middle Ages. This led her to contact several linen producers and started to have them produce her own product designs in Lithuania. This is where the LBJ mittens have been made.